Joe Mantegna's Daughter Gia Grew Up Into A Remarkable Beauty And Looks So Much Like Her Father!

December 21, 2018

We know Joe Mantegna as the wise David Rossi from Criminal Minds and love him for his work on the show. But we want to take time and look into his personal life, more specifically his beautiful daughter, Gia. 

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From the moment Gia was born, she resembled her father, and the similarities only became stronger as she grew older.

Today, the youngest Mantegna daughter is almost 30 and she's turned into a gorgeous woman as the years went by.

One thing that hasn't changed about Gia is her remarkable resemblance to her dashing father. They both have the same kind, but very prominent brown eyes, and we detect the same playful smile on Gia that we're used to seeing on Joe.

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Gia is an actress, just like her talented dad

But good looks aren't the only thing Gia inherited from her father. She also got some of his talent!

Gia Mantegna is an aspiring actress and you may remember her from Criminal Minds. She joined her father and the rest of the show's stellar cast for several memorable episodes.

Joe Mantegna also had the pleasure of working with his daughter in 2003 on the film Uncle Nino, where they actually played father and daughter. 

We wish Gia good luck with her career and hope to see more of her!

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