Original Royal Rebel: Inside The Scandalous Life Of Princess Margaret And Her Insatiable Appetite For Life

August 14, 2018

Princess Margaret was the most controversial member of the royal family to date. Although not fully admitted by the palace during her life, the public always knew glimpses of the royal's extravagant behavior. So, let's take a look at the story behind Margaret's life, as it's recalled in her unfiltered biography Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret by author Craig Brown.


How Palace wants Margaret to be remembered

On royal website, Princess Margaret is presented like everyone else: devoted public servant, great sister to the Queen, and overall charitable person:

The Princess played an active role in the Royal Family's public work, supporting The Queen. Her particular interests were in the broad field of welfare work, and in the arts. She was patron or president of over 80 organisations, ranging from children's charities to ballet companies.


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This is not to say that website is lying. No, Margaret tended to her royal responsibilities and truly loved her sister, Queen Elizabeth II. But there is a personal side to the late royal's life that her family doesn't like to advertise. But isn't it why we're looking into her past? So, let's dive deeper.


The wild life of Princess Margaret

Margaret's rebellious side reared its head around the time princess turned 15. Her biography's author Craig Brown discovered that in 1946, her father's equerry, Group Captain Peter Townsend, moved bedrooms to be closer to her room. Officially though, their romance began in 1947, when Margaret was 16 years old.


The union between Margaret and Townsend, who was sixteen years older than her, was doomed from the beginning. At the time of their relationship's spark, he was a married man and had to get a divorce. But had she chosen to stay with him, the princess would've been stripped of her royal privileges.

In 1960, Margaret finally tied the knot with photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. What followed was the loveless union full of disappointment and resentment. Brown writes that both were unfaithful to each other, and Antony had no respect for his difficult wife.


That's another thing, Margaret was far from perfect. The royal notoriously loved to start her afternoon with an alcoholic beverage and preferred to drink throughout the day. She loved to party and spent much of the 70s in the Caribbean in the company of celebrities and socialites, including Mick Jagger.


In 1973, Margaret started an affair with a landscape gardener Roddy Llewellyn, who was 18 years younger than her. They enjoyed each other's company for about three years until Margaret's reputation caught up to her, and she chose to end the affair.


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Princess Margaret and Armstrong-Jones divorced in 1978 but managed to have two children together. After their split, Margaret was finally free to do whatever she wanted without the fear of her husband's judgement.


Despite seemingly not caring what her relatives thought about her life, Margaret longed for the Queen's approval. She called her sister, Elizabeth, daily, just to hear her voice, which helped her not feel like a complete outcast.


Many recalled Margaret as not the friendliest person. She famously criticized Elizabeth Taylor for failing to courtesy to her. In addition, the princess wasn't a fan of her nephew's wife, Princess Diana. Craig Brown discovered she openly said the royal family was trying to get rid of Charles' wife and personally hoped for it.


By late 1990s, Margaret's wild life caught up to her, and her health started to fade. She suffered from Raynaud's disease and ended up wheelchair-bound after several strokes.

Princess Margaret passed away in 2002 at the age of 71.

Despite the controversy and often frowned-upon behavior, we can't help but recognize Princess Margaret's insatiable appetite for life and admire her courage to follow through with her desires and living without regret. 

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