Paula Deen's Sons Are Already Handsome Grown-Up Men And They're Both Following In Their Mom's Footsteps

January 29, 2019

Paula Deen, the popular American TV personality and cooking show host, is also a devoted mother of two sons, Bobby and Jamie.

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The boys looked so cute when they were little kids! For Deen, Christmas time is an excellent opportunity to spend time together with the family and enjoy simple talks about life and everything in the world.

Now, Bobby and Jamie are handsome and grown-up men. Moreover, they're following in their famous mom’s footsteps.

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Robert is a television chef and a restaurant manager, and James is also a cook, restaurateur, and TV personality. It seems their mother had a great impact on her children, and she did set a great example for her boys. She taught them how to love what you do and be successful as a professional.

Paula Deen is already a grandmother: Jamie has two sons, and Bobby welcomed triplets who were born prematurely.

Of course, it was a huge shock for everybody when Bobby’s wife, Claudia, gave birth to triplets, two girls and a boy, four months early. Incidentally, one girl, Amelia Ann, was named after Paula, as her middle name is Ann. The other two were named Olivia and Linton.

Paula Deen’s sons are already so grown-up and handsome, and they are also fathers to wonderful kids.

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