Melania Trump And Michelle Obama's Outfits Point To A Significant Difference Between Them

December 20, 2018

Since the moment Donald Trump has become the president of the United States, people can’t stop discussing Melania Trump and comparing her with the former First Lady.

Some people really miss Michelle Obama and wish she could stay in the White House for a longer time. Nevertheless, others like Melania more. For example, during the interview with the TMZ Kellyanne Conway said she is superior Obama and that the whole nation is truly lucky to have her.

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Many times Melania Trump has found herself in the middle of the fashion scandal and was highly criticized for choosing too expensive outfits for public events. At the same time, Obama has always preferred stylish and elegant, but not too expensive clothes.

At the G-7 summit, Melania was wearing a $53,130 Dolce & Gabbana outfit. During the G-20 summit, Michelle has chosen $474 J. Crew outfit while meeting with the foreign leaders. Just look at the difference in prices!

While visiting Trump’s Joint Session Speech, Trump was wearing the $9,600 look, appearing in a $5,000 black blazer and a $4,600 matching skirt.

On this photo, Obama is wearing the Michael Kors $1,595 jacket at the State of the Union address.

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Inauguration also illustrates the difference between first ladies. Michelle was wearing Jason Wu two times, and the current First Lady chose a Herve Pierre dress.

It is evident that the nation liked Michelle’s down-to-earth image much more.

Nevertheless, Melania Trump and Michelle Obama have one thing in common. Both ladies prefer having separate bathrooms and claim it is indeed a secret to a long marriage.

Even though Melania and Michelle are so different, especially if to consider their choice of outfits, they still have something in common.

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