'NCIS' Star Jennifer Esposito Claims She Lost 5 Roles For Not Being White Enough. Hollywood Is Hard To Please!


April 12, 2019 15:57 By Fabiosa

The famous American actress and author Jennifer Esposito, mostly known for her role of Special Agent Alexandra Quinn on the CBS series NCIS, claims she faced shameful discrimination at the working place.

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Jennifer Esposito is also popular for her roles in Crash, Summer of Sam, Don't Say a Word, Taxi and Welcome to Collinwood. But despite having a great acting talent, she lost her roles because of the skin color.

Skin color discrimination

Jennifer said she lost five roles because she was not white enough. Moreover, it happened during the last month, and it seems she has heard much more rejections in her life, which were connected with the fact she was not white enough for the role.

The actress is still in shock and can’t believe saying such words is still acceptable in the acting business.

On social media, Jennifer Esposito decided to write an open message and to fully express her disturbance. She also mentioned that the actress Marisa Tomei once told her to change her last name.

Yes to all of the above. Isn’t it their job ito bring you in to at least give you a chance to read before someone says you’re not right!?. As you said especially people in the business for years and years. I did a play as a young just starting out actress and a more established actress in the play told me- “change your last name” she was 10000% right. It was Marisa Tomei. She knew what she was about it. In the last month I was told I was not white enough for 5 different projects. How is this still going on or allowed!?

By the way, Jennifer Esposito has recently joined Law & Order: SVU, and we hope she will never face skin color discrimination again.

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The former NCIS and Blue Blood star Jennifer Esposito has recently opened up she lost five roles because she was not white enough. 

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