Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay Is Starting A New Food Network Show Together With His Lovely Daughter

January 28, 2019

Bobby Flay, the popular American celebrity chef, got divorced with his second wife Kate Connelly back in 1998, after three years of marriage.

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Kate Connelly was the co-host of Robin Leach Talking Food, and her future husband came to that show as a guest. During that period, Bobby was the chef of Bolo and Mesa Grill restaurant in Manhattan.

It was the love from the first sight, and they started romantic relations right away. Kate was unmarried and had a son Jonathan.

Together, they had a daughter Sophie, and she looks indeed gorgeous now. By the way, Sophie is the only child of Bobby Flay. Some people claim she is the spitting image of her father. Do you agree with it?

It was recently reported that Bobby and Sophie will have a show together. According to the source, Bobby has already signed a three-year contract with the Food Network for a show The Fray List.

He will appear on the show together with the daughter, and it will be such a sweet family cooperation! The premiere is planned in spring 2019, and fans are already waiting for new episodes.

The celebrity chef Bobby Flay is reported to have a show together with his only daughter Sophie in spring 2019, and it’s going to be a real sensation.

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