Simon Cowell Shocked Fans With His New Taut Face: "He Doesn't Look Real"

January 21, 2019

Simon Cowell has recently shocked his fans by showing his face after another evident botox injection. The 59-year-old talent competition judge wants to preserve youth, but it seems like he has gone too far.

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Back in 2008, it was already apparent that the American Idol judge Simon Cowell likes botox too much and that he is making regular injections. Nevertheless, Simon claimed that botox is no more unusual than the toothpaste.

Previously, it was reported that Simon Cowell spent more than $2500 for the facelift which involved sewing thread into the face and neck.

But why doesn’t he want to look natural and uses botox injections so often? Prior to making numerous procedures, he looked so handsome and intelligent, and fans all over the world couldn’t stop admiring him. But now, they can’t recognize their idol and wish he didn’t change his outlook so radically as he does now.

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Now, people criticize Simon for his artificial look. Twitter users claim he looks like a statue, and can’t figure out what has happened to his face. They hope Simon will return his natural beauty and will stop making injections.

We hope Simon Cowell will stop using botox so often because his natural look is so beautiful, and fans liked it a lot.

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