Steve Harvey Explains Why He Decided To Change His Iconic Look For "Salt And Pepper Mustache"

December 11, 2018

Steve Harvey, the popular American comedian and TV host, was known for his thick black mustache. But recently, he decided to change his appearance, and fans still can’t get used to the way he looks now.

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Of course, everybody wanted to know the reason for such a big decision, and finally, Steve Harvey is ready to provide an explanation.

Recently, the 61-year-old Steve Harvey appeared on The Ellen Show and was asked why he decided to completely change the way he looks. His answer was absolutely hilarious, and it was impossible not to smile:

I was on vacation, and I actually left my Just For Men at home because I had been dying my mustache, you know, black. So I left it at home ... So I didn't dye it. So the rest of it started growing in. Next thing I knew, I went, 'Damn! This either going to be sexy or I'm ugly as hell — one of the two.

He followed wife’s advice and made a decision to keep away from the dark hair dye and keep the gray beard. And it was an excellent decision!

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Twitter users leave plenty of positive comments, claiming Steve Harvey looks great and even inspirational. Indeed, he looks super stylish now!

Steve Harvey managed to build a rather successful career in the sphere of television. He is the host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the Steve talk show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, Little Big Shots, Miss Universe pageant, and some other shows.

Now, Steve Harvey looks absolutely fantastic! He proved that sometimes it is necessary to change the appearance and to become a new person.

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