Mom’s Carbon Copy! Faye Dunaway's Only Adopted Son Is Already So Grown Up And Very Handsome

June 26, 2019

The popular American actress, Faye Dunaway, rose to stardom after playing the role of outlaw Bonnie Parker in Arthur Penn's Bonnie and Clyde. But besides having a successful acting career, she was also a devoted mother and a wife.

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Faye Dunaway was officially married two times: to Peter Wolf and the British photographer Terry O’Neil. With her second husband, Faye had an incredible son — Liam Dunaway O'Neill.

Faye Dunaway’s son is already so grown up!

Liam Dunaway O'Neill is already a grown-up man, and he is an actor too!

It seems like Liam’s mother was a great role model for him, as he decided to follow in her footsteps and connect his life with acting.

He is mostly known for his roles in Last Goodbye, Confession, Al's Beef, and others.

By the way, Faye Dunaway was hiding the fact that Liam was adopted. This information was revealed only in 2003, by Terry O’Neil.

What a handsome young man he is now!