Does This Amaze You? Bruce Willis Used To Be A Singer And Even Topped The US Charts With 2 Albums

May 8, 2019 15:41

Isn’t it shocking to know that the Die Hard star Bruce Willis sang pop-blues and released albums in the 80s? Don’t go dropping your jaw just yet. Let’s take a peek at his career and highlight his musical journey.

Bruce Willis is now a successful actor

Despite having speech challenges as a kid, Willis was able to break limits.

TV series Moonlighting debuted him to Hollywood with an Emmy Award, while hit movies Die Hard shot him to stardom. Sixth Sense further entrenched him as an acclaimed actor in the eye of critics and at the box office.

His dedication has been attributed to his blue-collar foundation: having a father who was a welder and an expert mechanic. 60 films after, Bruce is currently worth $180 million.

About his Singing Career

While working on Moonlighting in 1987, Willis debuted his first album, The Return of Bruno.

Following the premiere of the first the Die Hard movie in 1988, he released a second album, If It Don’t kill You, It Just Makes You Stronger, in 1989.

His final album, Classic Bruce Willis: The Universal Masters Collection, was released in 2001.

His songs

Among his songs, Save the Last Dance for Me, Devil Woman and Respect Yourself, went ahead to become No. 5 in the U.S. Charts.

His second single, Under the Boardwalk, also shot to No. 2 in the UK Top 40.

These songs have music videos that featured a younger, more vibrant Bruce Willis. We definitely loved watching them.

Do you wonder if the 63-year-old movie star is ever going to sing again? Well, if he does, it probably wouldn’t be blues. Let’s say, pop.