Alec Baldwin Offers Melania Trump An Irresistible Proposition That Could Out Her Husband As A 'Phony'

July 9, 2018 11:56

Alec Baldwin is known more for his jokes about Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live than he is for any of his other famous acting roles.

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His job is incredibly easy

Here's why: the actor has the president all figured out, and he proved this in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

He told Kimmel that his punchline relies on mocking Trump’s constant need to find a better adjective when he addresses the press or tweets. And anyone who listens to the president or reads his tweets can relate!

A challenge for Melania

The actor does his Trump impressions so well and, apparently, takes this role so serious that he is reaching out to Melania Trump with a weird proposition.

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He has tweeted an invitation asking her to host SNL with him. Baldwin’s request comes from a believe held by some American that the First Lady continues to stick with her husband against her wish.

She's a fan?

What’s more, Melania reportedly watches the parodies done by Baldwin and finds them funny.

When the actor spoke to ace radio host, Howard Stern, he said two powerful people with access to the First Lady had confirmed to him that she was a fan and found his impressions spot on.

The First Lady might just take him up on his offer! Do you agree?

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