Meghan Markle Effect? Prince William Teases Kate Middleton's Pantsuit In An Adorable PDA Attempt

December 7, 2018 12:20

Prince William is showing some next level verbal PDA to Kate Middleton and the internet is here for it.

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New Duchess, who's this?

Earlier in the week, Kate made an unprecedented fashion move. She wore a sleek, tailored pantsuit that screamed Meghan Markle. This is reportedly the first time that the Duchess has been seen rocking a pantsuit at a royal event.

The Christmas-friendly blue and green power suit was worn while accompanying William on a visit to the Royal Air Force base in Akrotiri, Cyprus.

William teases Kate

And William got a kick out of his wife's unusual fashion choice. According to the Daily Mail, while taking pictures with military personnel, he teased Kate for picking colours that made her look like a Christmas tree.


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He said:

My wife's camouflaged against the tree.

And then, he went ahead to suggest that Kate should blend into the background properly by taking a picture by herself, adding:

Do you want me to move out of the photo?

The Meghan Markle effect

The Duchess of Cambridge's navy green jacket is by a Canadian designer, Smythe, who's one of Meghan's favourites. And online she's getting major props for letting her co-duchess influence her style.

This new look by Kate has also set off a theory online that Meghan and Harry are a positive influence on the mom and dad of three. People think they're becoming more relaxed. Yes or no?

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