Move Over, Idris Elba! The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Brad Pitt's 'James Bond' Moment In China

November 23, 2018 17:27

Brad Pitt is glowing! The actor was photographed at an event in China looking very James Bond-like, and the internet is having a meltdown.

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He keeps reinventing himself

The man is 54 and has only gotten better with age.

The dad of 6 is getting to live the best 'Benjamin Button' fantasy ever.

He isn't creepily aging in reverse, but he gets to reinvent himself, and looks even more handsome everytime we see him. Not even a messy divorce and custody battle have left their marks on him.

James Bond in China

Just days ago, Pitt with his blond locks and facial hair, got in a velvet suit for a Breitling watch company gala dinner. Although the internet is unanimous in its wish to see Idris Elba become the next James Bond, we don't mind a new contender.

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The actor, who is a spokesmodel, was joined by fellow Breitling model, Daniel Wu, and after a while ditched his velvet jacket and turned up for the night.

People online are reacting

Twitter users can't get over his ageless good looks.

We can't wait to see his movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which comes out in 2019.

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