Natalie Wood's Mysterious Drowning 37 Years Later: Why Her Husband Became A 'Person Of Interest'

December 3, 2018

In November 1981, on Thanksgiving weekend, Hollywood star Natalie Woods drowned while on a boat trip with her husband Robert Wagner and a friend, Christopher Walken. 37 years later, fans are paying homage and revisiting the mysterious circumstances of her high-profile death.

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Mysterious drowning

Wood was filming Brainstorm with co-star Walken when she went on that fatal boating trip.


By the time her body was recovered, there was evidence of bruising found on her. Coroners determined that these may have been sustained before she drowned.

There was also evidence that she had been drinking. Autopsy results showed that she had taken the drug Synthroid, which is known to make one susceptible to bruising.


Despite these clues, the cause of her death remained largely undetermined. It was officially called 'an accidental drowning'.

Her husband becomes a person of interest

Natalie Wood’s case has never been closed. For years, officials have believed that Wagner was the last person to see his wife alive, but no criminal charges were filed against him.

However, recent events have renewed public interest in the nature of Wood’s death. First, in February, her husband was named a person of interest in the case. He reportedly refused to help with the investigations and changed his story of what happened on that trip. Detectives now say they suspect foul play.

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And then, amid fresh concerns surrounding the case, Walken who has mostly been quiet since the loss of his co-star and friend, recently made a surprise appearance at the Academy Awards.

What the internet is saying

The actor insists he's done talking about Natalie Wood’s death and has never really disclosed what happened on that night publicly. But fans have continued to celebrate her on the anniversary of her death.

They are keeping her legacy alive, sharing quotes and photos from their favorite films of this actress whose life was cut short in her prime. Natalie Woods lives on.

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