Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan And Harry's Popularity Easily Surpassed William And Kate's

November 29, 2018

Is Meghan Markle trying to usurp Kate Middleton and Prince William? There are reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ popularity has surpassed William and Kate’s.

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Trying too hard?

Meghan has often been slammed by royal fans for trying too hard and breaking protocol during public outings.

When she appeared in public in a high slit casual maxi on Fraser Island during her first overseas tour, she was called out for dressing inappropriately. Some royal fans think she is a danger to the royal family.

Royal expert explains what's really going on

But royal journalist Tom Sykes has an explanation for why Meghan’s popularity is soaring despite the attack, while Kate’s has stayed static.

He says Meghan works the crowd like a screen star who is used to the cameras and attention, but Kate acts like a proper royal.

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She does not get out on the photographers' side when she arrives at events.

And she does not give an opportunity for the press to have a moment. In this, she is like the Queen, but she does not pull it off as gracefully as the monarch, Sykes says:

It is perhaps understandable (if counter-productive) that the royals don’t feel it’s appropriate to stop and pose for photos. The Queen doesn’t, but she doesn’t with grace; there has never been any feeling among the royal press pack that her behavior is remotely petty or malicious in the way that Kate’s (and William’s, it should be added) is interpreted.

Is Kate taking a few tricks from Meghan?

Kate and William have chosen to act like proper royals in public and this has been hurting their appeal. Meghan, on the other hand, has a field day when she makes an official appearance.


She gets out on the press side, hovers, and gives the press ample opportunity to get their fill. She has taught Harry a few tricks, as well.

But, if this new popularity rating has affected the relationship between the duchesses, it does not show in their public outings.

Meghan and Kate are often seen channeling each other’s style and for all we know, could be having a laugh at all of this.

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