True Love Exists! John Larroquette Has Been Head Over Heels In Love With His Wife For 43 Years

February 1, 2019

John Larroquette’s Hollywood love story does not get the credit it deserves. The Night Court actor has been with his wife Elizabeth for more than 4 decades, and they are still very much in love.

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Everyone's favorite onscreen womanizer

The New Orleans native played a womanizing lawyer for years on Night Court and won so many awards for this role that he had to ask the Academy to stop considering him.

But then, it’d be hard not to give this actor an award for anything he stars in. He has held it down on Boston Legal, guest appeared on House and The West Wing.

More recently, he's been in The Librarians. And that's not counting his work in film and theater.

He's loved the same woman for 43 years!

Still, his acting chops are not the most loveable thing about Larroquette. Surely, he has achieved what many actors in Hollywood can only dream of with his career, but he’s also managed to do all that while making his marriage to actress Elizabeth Larroquette work.

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Right after he made his Broadway debut in 2011, he revealed in an exclusive interview that their secret to wedded bliss was his wife’s endless patience.

The couple met on the set of a 1974 play Enter Laughing, and the actor points out that the philosophy is something he values.

We met in 1974 in a play called Enter Laughing, which is a good philosophy for life. I got an agent from that play, and a wife, and she’s been willing to put up with me.

His son is America's favorite funnyman

Together, the couple has three children: two boys and a girl. And they have somehow managed to get two of them hooked on showbiz.

The baby of the house is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and the oldest, Jonathan, inherited his dad's funnybone. He is one half of the very successful comedy podcast Uhh Yeah Dude. That's as good as it gets.

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