Nicole Kidman Reveals A Very Romantic Sacrifice She Made Just To Be With Tom Cruise

November 21, 2018

Nicole Kidman is very much a romantic at heart and makes no apologies for this, as well as the sacrifices she has made for love. But she may have crossed the line this time.

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Her first divorce was a shock

When her marriage to Tom Cruise ended after 10 years together and two adopted children, Nicole Kidman revealed that she was shocked by how things fell apart.

Cruise had filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

But Nicole was still in love with him and continued to be even after she got together with her current husband, Keith Urban. 

He was huge; still is. To me, he was just Tom, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him.

Nicole is still talking about loving Tom Cruise

Despite her errant feelings for Cruise, the Destroyer actress went on to marry Keith, but now she's is reliving how she happily altered her life just to be with Tom Cruise.

In a brand new interview with Variety, Nicole says she moved to the U.S. simply because she fell in love.

I moved here because I fell in love and got married. I always make choices for love, and everything kind of had to fall in place around that.

Fair enough: Cruise was the biggest movie star at the time, and she was in love with him.

But we wonder what her current husband Keith thinks about these fond revelations?

Trouble in paradise?

In the past, the actress, who shares two daughters and 12 years of marriage with Keith, has said that she was reluctant to talk about her life with Tom Cruise for years because she did not want to disrespect her union with Keith.

Strangely, she seems to have dispensed her reservations. She is now revisiting her relationship with her first husband and is recalling him very fondly. Trouble in paradise?

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