One Of His 13,000 Women? Cher Admits She Had An Illicit Love Affair With Warren Beatty At 16

November 23, 2018 06:59

Cher has been Cher for such a long time, it's almost impossible to imagine a world without her and those skimpy dresses.

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Still on the hunt for Mr. Right

Even at 72, Cher can get any man she wants and has no trouble at all finding her ideal companion: Good looking, with a great sense of humor. She has dated everyone from Tom Cruise to Van Kilmer and is still very open to finding her Mr. Right.

But once upon a time, Cher was a struggling singer who had a chance meeting with a big Hollywood star 9 years her senior, who made her heart skip a beat.

Controversial affair at 16

Long before she took over the world as one half of the singing duo Sonny and Cher, this woman was apparently already making heads turn.

As an underaged 16-year-old school dropout, who had just begun to sing backup for the legendary Phil Spector, she met and 'fell in love' with another Hollywood star, Warren Beatty.

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Cher has now opened up about the illegal love affair. She says they met after he ran her off the road while she was driving the newly bought family car and she immediately thought he was nasty.

But when she got out to accost the stranger, she realized she was standing across from the star actor and a hottie. So began their affair.

Warren's many women

But the relationship was ill-fated despite the fact that she found him irresistible and her mom loved him.

She moved on to the man she later married, Sonny Bono, and Warren continued his string of affairs, which threatened to overshadow his professional life.

It was rumored at one point that Warren had slept with no less than 12,775. He denies this and calls the claim by one of his biographers outrageous and impossible.

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