Serial Hollywood Lover Melanie Griffith Married Her First Husband Twice. Why Did Their Marriage Fall Apart?

October 25, 2018

How many times is it okay to try in the name of love? Actress Melanie Griffith has been married 4 times and has even married the same man, Don Johnson, twice!

Why did they get divorced in the first place if they were meant to be together?

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Hollywood wild child, rocky first marriage

Griffith was 18 and had a reputation for being a wild child. The couple always had a tumultuous relationship, marked by addiction. One minute, they were at each other's throats, the next, they were married.

But their relationship did not stand a chance from the beginning and within a year, they were divorced.

After their marriage fell apart, the Working Girl actress married her second husband and had her first child, Alexander Bauer. But that marriage did not work out as well.

Giving birth to Dakota Johnson

Clearly, being a sucker for love, the actress met up with her ex-husband, Johnson, and in no time, they were married again. This time, for 7 years. But their old problems did not go away.

She continued to struggle with drinking and drug problems. However, this time, their marriage was blessed with a daughter, Dakota Johnson, famous for her part in Fifty Shades Of Grey.

It's no surprise that Dakota is taking Hollywood by storm – she comes from the Hollywood royalty. Her grandma is a famous model and actress Tippi Hedren, who married the child actor Peter Griffith.

There's enough talent in the family to go around, but Griffith is incredibly proud of her daughter.

Does she still believe in marriage?

Now, at 61, Griffith is a Hollywood legend in her own right. She's also a mom of 3 – not counting her adopted children – and has recently divorced from her 4th husband of 18 years, Antonio Banderas.

Is she willing to get married again? Not a chance in hell. Griffith no longer believes in marriage, but she is open to finding love again and being in relationships. Just don't expect her to get on Tinder anytime soon. 

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