17 Years Of Heartbreak And Affairs! Angelica Huston Spent Decades Waiting For Jack Nicholson To Marry Her

November 9, 2018

Angelica Huston and Jack Nicholson were together for 17 years, but their love story was bitter and marked by Nicholson's many affairs. He eventually left her to start a family with a much younger woman, but were they ever really in love?

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Hollywood's most famous playboy

Jack's enduring reputation in Hollywood is one of the forever playboy. But in 1962, he was married to Sandra Knight. The marriage ended as soon as it began and, since then, he has reportedly dated everyone from Kate Moss to Melanie Griffith.

While he dated these long list of women in Hollywood, the one woman he kept going back to was Angelica Huston, daughter of legendary director, John Huston.

Their tragic relationship

The pair met at a party in his home and he immediately asked her out on a date. But, in a pattern that would go on to define their relationship, he canceled because of another obligation.

Much later, Huston found out that the 'obligation' was another date with his ex, singer Michelle Phillips.

In her memoir, Watch Me, Huston finally opened up about the self-destructive relationship and her fascination with this beloved actor who would eventually leave her.

She says she enjoyed being treated like his possession even while she watched him flirt with other women.

Once, when she tried to leave, he grabbed her by the waist and said, "Don’t ever stand up like that to leave." Huston says,

I enjoyed his brief flash of possessiveness.

Toxic relationships: stop making excuses!

Eventually, in 1991, Nicholson invited Huston to dinner at his home, just to tell her he was having a baby with actress Rebecca Broussard, 12 years her junior!

What a tragic end to a painful relationship! Huston refused to leave while she had the chance, because toxic relationships are, by their nature, consuming and make you lose yourself. But leaving a destructive relationship is easy if you choose to seek help, make a decision to leave, and stick with your decision. Stop making those excuses today!

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