17-Year-Old Rachel Zegler Takes The Internet By Storm With Her Amazing Cover Of Lady Gaga's 'Shallow'

January 22, 2019

Everyone who has seen A Star is Born agrees that Lady Gaga was sensational in that film, but after you watch this girl's performance of Shallow, you'll probably never want to watch Lady Gaga's iconic version again.

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'West Side Story's' announcement

The girl in question, high school student Rachel Zegler is taking the internet by storm and in a matter of weeks has risen from obscurity to mega-stardom.

Just last week, Variety revealed that Steven Spielberg had cast Zegler as the lead in the remake of West Side Story. She is set to play the iconic character Maria in the musical.

A new star is born

But this fact was yet unknown in October 2018 when the fresh-faced 17-year-old uploaded her cover of Shallow on YouTube.

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In no time, the heartfelt video had gathered almost a million hits with commenters judging it the best cover of that song online.

In December again, Zegler has responded to criticism that she uses autotune by sharing a clip of herself singing in an empty auditorium on Twitter.

People have been responding in awe and she keeps them coming. Her channel is filled with covers even better than the one that's making her famous.


Lady Gaga is yet to acknowledge this performance that's fast overshadowing her stunning duet with co-star Bradley Cooper. But it does not make much of a difference.

Bárbara Corby:

This is by far the best cover of this music!! Wowww💥❤️😍

Funkie T:

I’ve heard that Lady Gaga watched this video and decided to cover it

Pres Web:

......And a star is BORN!


Litteraly, a star is born and it’s you

El Tarot De Antonio:

I just can hear her voice, no autotune, no recording arrangements, just her. ❤️ What a beautiful lady and voice, you're so great!

Pietra Garcia:

if I had your voice I would never speak again I would only sing.

Will Katartzis:

wait, what... i don't understand how a voice could be so amazing. resonance and placement is crazy good. looks effortless

Lysandre Blondeau:

Oh my god this voice!!!! I can’t believe it!! Deep, sad, sensation, love, and vocalize is just 😍😍😍😭😭😭 this is the best cover of this song!!!! I like I like!! I don’t have the word for describing this beautiful cover

Zegler already has fans of West Side Story waiting in anticipation for its release in which she'll star opposite Ansel Elgort as Tony.

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