"He Bent Over Backwards For Her!" Meghan's Nephew Says Thomas Markle Still Adores His Daughter

December 7, 2018 11:03

For the first time since Meghan Markle became a royal, a member of her family is showing the world what her relationship with the father was like before he turned against her.

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He blames the royals

Tyler Dooley, Meghan's nephew who recently broke his silence after he joined the reality show MTV’s The Royal World, does not hide the fact that he is rooting for her to succeed.

But, Tyler blames the royals for driving a wedge between the Duchess and her family. He believes the Royals could have helped them figure out how to deal with the media attention instead of cutting them off.

The truth about Meghan's relationship with her dad

The successful cannabis farmer, however, isn't stuck on the bitter events of the last few months. Instead, he recently opened up about the relationship Meghan and her father once shared. And it's endearing.


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He says his grandfather bent over backward to make Meghan happy because she was his favorite.

Despite the negative press Thomas Markle Sr. has been getting, Tyler only has good things to say about the controversial dad who he calls a “loving teddy bear.”

He is a very kind man and showed us all a lot of love. Even more for Meghan. He bent over backwards for her. He was a very good parent. Whether that contradicts reports that are out I don't care, because I can tell you on record he is a very kind, caring, loving person who adores Meghan.

He's not done talking about Meghan

The reality star is also leaning heavily on his aunt's fame as a royal and like the rest of the family has gotten quite obsessed with talking about her.

As part of the cast of the MTV show which is based on the lives of people who have some connection with royalty, Tyler has said he'll be spilling the tea on Meghan's life. Will you be watching?

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