Family Friend Recalls Anthony Bourdain's 11-Year-Old Daughter's Heartbreaking Reaction To His Death

December 6, 2018

Anthony Bourdain was an extraordinary figure. The chef, author, adventurer, and world-famous host took his own life on June 8, when he was in France, filming an episode of CNN’s Parts Unknown. He was 61 when he died.

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Bourdain’s loved ones and fans were shocked by his sudden death. To everyone who knew him, he was a joyous, larger-than-life man. Why did he do this? No one knows and no one ever will.

Bourdain’s family and friends still mourn the loss. They spoke to GQ about their memories of the man who opened the world to so many.

Anthony Bourdain’s daughter’s heartbreaking reaction to his death

When you’re in your preteens, it’s hard to comprehend why your parent would take their own life.

Anthony Bourdain had a daughter with Ottavia Busia, with whom he separated in 2016. His daughter, Ariane, was only eleven when her dad died. She is his only child.

In the GQ interview, Doug Quint, a friend of Bourdain’s, recalled Ariane’s heartbreaking reaction when she learned about her father’s death:

That day, Ariane said to me something like, 'Is this something that people outside of New York are gonna know about?' And we were like, 'Yeah. All around the world, people are sad about this.'

The girl’s sadness, confusion, and shock were immense. But she will keep the fondest memories of her dad and time will help her heal.


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How to know someone may be suicidal

Sometimes, people take their own lives without giving any signs. However, there are often signs that a person is contemplating suicide or has a clear intention to commit it. Warning signs include the following:

  1. The person makes self-deprecating comment, such as “I’m a burden to my loved ones” or “you’d be better off without me.”
  2. The person openly expresses suicidal thoughts and talks about death and dying often.
  3. The person becomes uncharacteristically withdrawn, minimizes contact with loved ones.
  4. The person engages in reckless acts (e.g. dangerous driving, taking large amounts of alcohol and drugs). This is an extreme manifestation of self-neglect.
  5. The person “takes care of logistics” (e.g. buys a gun, obtains prescription pills).
  6. The person suddenly tries to make amends to people they think they hurt and people who may be mad at them.
  7. The person ties up loose ends (e.g. pays off debts, rewrites the will, gives away possessions).

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If you think someone you know may be suicidal, talk to them about it and help them get professional help.

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