George Clooney, "The Most Handsome Man In The World," Got The Looks From Both Parents! How Do They Look Like?

George Clooney is known as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. People named the actor the “Sexiest Man Alive” not once, but twice, and he remains in demand.

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There’s even science to confirm Clooney’s title of “the most handsome actor.” Doctor Julian de Silva applied a face mapping technique to see how the actor’s features measure by the ancient Greek standard of beauty and found that he's the one who is closest to perfection among actors! Brad Pitt, Clooney’s friend, came in third.

This revelation begs the question: who are the two people to whom Clooney owes his perfect face?

Meet Nick and Nina Clooney

You probably never heard about them, but Nick and Nina Clooney are often by their son’s side at various important events.


It’s hard to tell if the actor looks more like his mom or dad. Well, he looks like an ideal mixture of both.


Nick and Nina Clooney look amazing for their age, aren't they?

Now we see where George Clooney got his good looks!

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How Nick Clooney set his son on the path to acting

George Clooney took his first steps to acting before he even knew he would want to do it professionally. And his father is the one who helped with that.

When George Clooney was a young boy, his father hosted a variety show called The Nick Clooney Show on a local TV channel. The dad would often take young George to the studio and even give him small parts on the show, the actor told CNN.


A few decades later, Clooney had his big break with the hit TV series ER. From that point, the ball started rolling for him. He became one of the most popular Hollywood actors, in no small part thanks to his parents’ support and encouragement. He sure is grateful for that!

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