Warren Beatty And Joan Collins Were Madly In Love And Engaged But Something Prevented Their Marriage


March 14, 2019 15:40 By Fabiosa

Warren Beatty is a good actor, there is no denying. But he is not only known for his career achievements. Beatty’s numerous affairs were legendary and people still talk about them.

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He dated many famous and not so much women. It is rumored that the actor spent the night with 12,775 ladies. Knowing how handsome he used to look and the incredible charm he possessed, the part of us can believe it’s true.

But Warren was in love, too. One of his greatest loves was the cinema legend, Joan Collins. The two almost got married but why their romance abruptly stopped?

Intense affair

Warren Beatty and Joan Collins met in a fancy restaurant in L.A. He was 22, she was 26. Later, Collins admitted that she was charmed by Beatty’s good looks but she wasn’t in love with him. However, we think she might be cunning about her true feelings as the press couldn’t stop talking about their steamy affair.

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The actress believes that she and Beatty were “very compatible” so their relationships blossomed pretty quickly. Warren even went as far as to propose to his beloved. But why their romance never led to marriage?

It was Warren’s libido that ruined everything. Rumors about his high-profile flings put an end to his romance with Collins.

After their split, the acting legend revealed that she had an abortion when she was dating Beatty. She said she was not ready to have a child, and so didn’t Warren.

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Knowing how their story ended, maybe it was the best decision for them. Later, Collins declared that Beatty told her husband, Percy, that he still loves her but she had one answer to this: “Not a chance.”

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