Untold Story: Prince Philip's Mother Gifted Her Son Her Wedding Tiara To Create Queen Elizabeth's Engagement Ring

July 15, 2019

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, could have had a totally different life. Born as a Greek prince, he was groomed for bathing in privilege and wealth but the destiny had different plans.

During the Greco-Turkish war, 18-months-old Philip and his family were forced to flee the country with zero belongings. But he turned from a foreigner with not a single penny in his pockets to the sovereign’s longest-serving consort.

The Prince’s mother supported his wish to marry King George VI's eldest daughter and even made a heartfelt sacrifice to help him create the perfect ring for his beloved.

The sweetest sacrifice

Knowing that her son was planning to propose to Elizabeth, Philip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, wanted to make sure he had the engagement ring worthy of a queen.

She gifted him her wedding tiara so it could be destroyed and used to create the perfect band for Elizabeth. The stunning piece of jewelry was given to Princess Alice on her wedding day as a present.

Not only tiara itself but also the diamonds it was encrusted with held a special significance as well. The dazzling stones date back to the Romanov dynasty’s done. Philip’s mom was gifted the tiara by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia, who were her distant relatives.

But Princess Alice didn’t feel sorry to say goodbye to her little treasure, as long as it made her son happy. Philip worked on the ring’s design himself in conjunction with London jeweler Philip Antrobus Ltd.

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They say diamonds last forever. Knowing that the Queen and Prince Philip have been married for 71 years, it seems that their marriage will last as long as those precious stones on the monarch’s finger.