What Did Prince William Make The Palace Do In Order To Protect Kate From Repeating His Mother’s Destiny?

May 14, 2019 11:06

The royal family has quite a complicated relationship with paparazzi. After the heartbreaking story with Princess Diana, the British royalty has become very cautious with the press but the feeling of resentment is not that hard to get rid of.

During one of his interviews, Prince William recalled how his mother suffered from paparazzi, remembering that they once moved her to tears.

That’s why he did everything to protect the woman he loves so that she wouldn’t repeat Diana’s destiny.

But what did he do?

When Prince William started getting serious with Kate Middleton, the public interest to the couple grew with unimaginable speed. Kate turned into a little red dot on the darts table with paparazzi trying to hit her as much as they could.

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She became the subject of public scrutiny, constantly criticized by the press and harassed by paparazzi. William saw what she was going through and knowing too well where it could lead he insisted that the royal family should intervene.

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The Prince made the Palace set up a hotline for his then-girlfriend so that she could get the support she desperately needed. A senior press aid who worked with royals at that time revealed:

We had been introduced to Kate early on, and we were instructed from the outset to give her every support possible.

The royal couple survived the press storm and now they are married and raising three wonderful kids.

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As parents who are constantly being the center of public attention, Kate and William are trying to give their children as normal childhood as possible. Even though it might be difficult, we are certain that the couple will achieve their goal.