Duchess The Cutest! Kate Middleton Breaks Royal Protocol To Make One Little Girl Very Happy

January 30, 2019 12:57

Kate Middleton had the most adorable moment with one of her little fans during a recent visit to Scotland.

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On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to the land where their love story started. The royal couple paid a visit to Dundee, which is located very close to the University of St. Andrews where the two met for the first time.

The parents-of-three went on a mission to open the Victoria and Albert Museum before they met with locals who came to greet them. Kate was walking along the crowd barrier, saying hello to all of the well-wishers, when the most adorable moment took place.

Kate broke the rule to make a little girl smile

The Duchess is known for her perfect bouncy hair. One little girl was so enchanted by the royal mom’s gorgeous locks, she couldn’t resist touching them. The young fan reached out and stroked Kate’s hair, which the Duchess didn’t seem to mind at all.

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Instead, she responded with a big grin on her face, giggling and talking to the brave girl and others who gathered around her. The girl beamed back at the Duchess, looking incredibly happy. She clearly felt what a special moment it was.

What an adorable interaction below:

People reacted on social media

Kate has perfected her blowout style throughout the years, making it a sort of trademark of hers. So it’s quite natural that some people would want to touch her locks. Without being weird, of course.

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