Despite The Rage Of Social Media, Meghan Markle Keeps Wearing Black. Why? Psychologist Gives A Reason

January 11, 2019

There have been so many times when the Duchess of Sussex wowed us with her incredible outfits. From the chic casual style to the royal elegance, she knows how to present herself to the public. No wonder Meghan has earned a title of a style icon with many fans buying every single piece she wears.

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However, it seems there has been a particular pattern emerging lately. During her recent appearances, the Duchess keeps choosing one particular color – black.

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She wore it so many times, we lost count! Even though Meghan looks undoubtedly beautiful, we are certain she would have looked just as good in any other color and many royal fans think so too.

Back in black

Even for her first royal engagement of 2019, the mom-to-be chose black again. While some people are simply wondering why she took a liking in it, others can’t hold their emotions and criticize the Duchess on social media.

Despite being constantly slammed for her choice, Meghan continues to don black and we might have a possible explanation behind it.

A color psychologist Karen Haller suggested that wearing black might be Markle’s way to retreat from the spotlight.

Black is her way to deflect attention off herself and onto the causes she is supporting – putting them in the spotlight.

Looking at all the events she attended sporting this dark color, it actually makes sense because the Duchess is known for her charitable deeds. So maybe she just wants people to focus on what she does, instead of what she wears. What do you think?

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