Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Natural Curly Hair For The Very First Time And Breaks The Internet

November 21, 2018

What do we think when we see Michelle Obama? Beautiful, smart woman with her nails always done and her hair always on fleek. In fact, she has changed many hairstyles and never failed to look sophisticated and elegant.

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However, there is one thing that we noticed about her gorgeous locks – they are consistently straightened. But is it the former first lady’s natural look? No, it isn’t.

Perhaps, Mrs. Obama felt like it’s time to show the world what the mother-nature gave her as she rocked her natural curls for the very first time.

The ‘Essence’ cover

Recently, the former first lady surprised the internet when she graced the cover of Essence magazine. Posing on the front of the December/January issue, Michelle showed off her curly hair for the first time.

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Essence is a monthly magazine that celebrates African-American women, so there wouldn’t be an occasion more perfect than this to demonstrate Obama’s stunning curls.

The photograph immediately broke the web, with people commenting on social media how beautiful the former First Lady looks. It unraveled the side of Michelle that we haven’t seen before where she fully embraced her natural beauty.

But how to make your curly hair to look like hers? Here’s what you can do.

Hair tips for curly hair

In order to keep your unruly curly hair healthy, experts recommend doing this:

  • incorporate hot oil treatment into your hair routine, using it twice a month, as it will add moisture and elasticity to your hair;
  • don’t forget about conditioner and make sure to generously coat the ends of your hair every time you use it;
  • never comb your hair when it’s dry as it will easily break, instead use a hairbrush when it’s wet and conditioned;
  • take care of your scalp by clarifying it every three weeks with apple cider vinegar – it will balance the Ph of your hair and scalp and promote shine.

And remember, curly hair needs to be trimmed often to prevent split ends, so don’t neglect it. Especially, if you want to have gorgeous locks like Michelle Obama.

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