Martin Sheen Opens Up About His Son Charlie’s Addiction And HIV Diagnosis In An Emotional Interview

November 9, 2018

We all know the troubled actor Charlie Sheen. From the peak of fame, he gradually hit rock bottom in life, struggling with addiction and an HIV diagnosis.

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He talked about discovering that he is HIV positive in an open letter, where he revealed that everything started with a terrible headache that lasted three days. Then, after numerous tests, the doctors shared the devastating diagnosis.

Despite the horrible reality he now has to live with, Sheen wrote that he doesn’t think of his disease as a curse anymore, rather as a way to better himself and help others. His father, Martin Sheen, also turned to philanthropy, and during one of his recent charity endeavors, he opened up about his son’s struggles.

Emotional interview

Us Weekly caught up with Martin Sheen at a human rights event benefiting the nonprofit organization The People Concern. The 78-year-old revealed that his fight for the homeless has a connection to his son’s struggles, as it made him more understanding. He said:

The best way to heal is to help healing someone else, and it takes one to know one, so you can appreciate what someone’s going through if you’re gone there yourself.

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Speaking about Charlie, Martin revealed that, when dealing with addiction, parents can’t always help.

You also have to trust in the community. None of us are alone...No one is so isolated that somebody doesn’t know that you’re in trouble.

Charlie is definitely not alone, as his father and his loving family will go through every difficulty, every hurdle, and every dark moment with him.

How to help someone with an addiction?

Helping someone with an addiction is not an easy path. It’s important to remember that if an addict doesn’t want to change, nothing will help him or her. /

However, there are ways to help your friend or loved one over time.

  • stop criticizing them and try to establish trust without making them feel like you control them;
  • think about your own mental health and get help, as being in a relationship with an addict is very stressful;
  • communicate with them honestly, but not in a way that will make them feel threatened;
  • if they want to go through the treatment process alone, respect their privacy.

Even though it’s very tempting to say that addiction is a problem that needs to be dealt with and that your loved one needs to change, it won’t help, because the decision to change is always theirs, not yours.

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