Prince William Used To Have A Beard And He Looked Devilishly Handsome With It, Resembling Prince Harry

December 19, 2018 17:21

It’s safe to say that Prince William has established his ‘look’. Suited-up, clean-shaven and, well, practically bold – this is the image of the future King of Britain that we used to see.


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Facial hair is something that we almost never have spotted on the father-of-three. It’s actually his brother’s trademark as Prince Harry has been sporting a beard since 2015.


However, William had a brief time when he experimented with his facial hair too and the result was beyond what you imagine.


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Bearded hottie

Back in 2008, Kate Middleton’s husband showcased a new change in his appearance. He grew out a full-fledged beard just before the start of his pilot training with the Royal Air Force, which forbids facial hair.


Will's beard made its public debut on Christmas Day that year when he attended a church service alongside his family, looking all scruffy and incredibly attractive.


The Prince was photographed walking near his brother who hasn’t discovered the beauty of the facial hair yet and we can definitely see that his face begs for some hairy cover.


But what do people think about William’s bearded look?

Royal fans are divided in opinion with some people saying that the Duke of Cambridge looks hot with the beard whilst others are strongly against it.

What do you think? Do you prefer William unshaven or with the ‘naked’ face?

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