Did Astrologer Predict Diana's Death? The Princess Had Regular Meetings With A Personal Astrologer Despite Being Sceptic About It

October 10, 2018

Once, Princess Diana said that astrology is all about assumptions and that she didn’t fully believe in it. However, she had her personal astrologer and studied her birth sign in full detail.

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Paul Burrell, former Diana’s butler, revealed in a book written about the princess’ life that she thought that people born under the astrological sign Cancer have a thick chitinous layer under which lies soft gut. Diana also believed that it was her sign that made her love water as she had been dreaming to move to the coast.

The princess liked to discuss her horoscope but she was never ironic about it. Perhaps she wanted to build her life around the stars predictions.

Did Diana’s astrologer predict her death?

Debbie Frank was not only Lady Di’s personal astrologer, but she was also her close friend and confidant. Frank remembers that notable day when the two of them met at Kensington Palace to study the princess’ astrological chart.


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They saw an eclipse, which is a sign of an upcoming dramatic experience. Diana thought it meant a positive event because previously eclipse, apparently, predicted her separation from Prince Charles and the birth of her first child, Prince William.


According to Debbie, Diana seemed happy and optimistic about her future so they both assumed it might mean that something good is coming. The astrologer claims she had no idea that the big tragedy will happen instead.

What did astrology say about Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage?

As we know, the Princess of Wales was born under the sensitive sign of Cancer in her 7th house of relationships. This means she was looking for someone who could offer her care and support and would give her love and affection in return.


But deceptive Neptune in her birth chart shows that she idealized her husband and her marriage, looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. Charles’ birth sigh, Scorpio, suggests his wife was being deceived, never knowing what he was doing.


Do you believe in horoscopes and have you ever had a prediction that came true?

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