Felt Nervous Like A Schoolboy: Expert Has A Surprising Verdict On Donald Trump’s Body Language With The Queen At The State Dinner

June 4, 2019 15:16

A body language expert took a precise look at Donald Trump’s behavior while meeting the Queen amid his state visit. Did Donald learn his past mistakes?

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State visit

On June 3, Donald and Melania Trump arrived in London for a 3-day state visit. No need to say that this meeting between the American and British leaders is very important for maintaining good relationships between both countries.

At first sight, Donald’s meeting with Her Majesty went smoothly, but what was there behind warm smiles and handshakes? A body language expert gives his verdict.

Body language says it all

A body language expert Robin Kermode examined Mr. Trump’s behavior as he greeted the Queen. The expert said that despite his shining smile, it was pretty obvious that Donald felt nervous shaking hands with Her Majesty.

Kermode compared Trump’s body language during his last-year state visit to the UK and the current one and gave his verdict.

Mr. Trump seems much more on his best behavior this time than on his previous visit. 

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The expert added that during his previous visit, Donald wanted to appear strong and determined, but this time, he changed his ‘strategy’.

 This time he appears more like a schoolboy not wanting to put a foot wrong.

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As for Prince Charles, Donald and His Highness greeted each other like good old friends with a warm handshake.

In general, the expert concluded that Mr. Trump and the Queen showed off “undeniable warmth” to each other on the first day of the state visit. Hopefully, the rest two days will pass in a similar warm atmosphere.