John Stamos Still Hopes To Get Lori Loughlin Back To ‘Fuller House’ Despite A College Scandal: "It's A Difficult Situation"

June 25, 2019

Fuller House actor John Stamos still can’t get over his onscreen wife Lori Loughlin's departure from the iconic series. Maybe, there is still hope for them to co-star in the show again.

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John Stamos will miss Lori Loughlin in the show

As it was reported earlier, Lori Loughlin won’t get back to Fuller House in the fifth and final season. It’s all because of her involvement in the college scandal.

Lori faces charges for paying $ 500,000 to get her two daughters to a college. Though the actress pleads not guilty, the network canceled their cooperation with the scandalous-involved star.

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John Stamos broke his silence on Lori’s departure from Fuller House in an interview with ET. It looks like the actor still can’t get over this situation with his onscreen wife’s exit from the series.

Stamos said:

 It's a difficult situation for everyone involved. I don't mean just on our side.

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However, John obviously doesn’t lose hope to bring Lori back to the show in the final season. Anyway, it seems like the actor will try to do his best to help Loughlin.

He said:

I'm going to talk to some people about it this week and see what's going on.

Hmm! Does it mean there is still hope that fans will see Lori Loughlin in the series again despite the scandal? Would you like it to be true?

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