Nicole Kidman And The Whirlwind Of Emotions Women Go Through After Divorce

May 31, 2018

Big Little Lies actress Nicole Kidman may seem well adjusted now since getting hitched to Keith Urban in 2006. But the truth of her relationship with ex-husband and Mission Impossible star remains a grim reminder of what a dysfunctional relationship can do to a person.


For starters, Kidman became a reluctant member of the Church of Scientology. Eventually, her withdrawal from the church resulted in the loss of her adopted children, Connor and Isabella. Cruise, bitter about the separation, supported the Church’s insistence that Kidman stay away from the children too.

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Even now, she still mentions her forced alienation from her children as the worst pain she has ever had to deal with in her life. There still is a chance that relations between Kidman and her children could be mended as she is reported to have resumed communication with her daughter Isabella. But the damage done is unlikely to be reversed.


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One thing was certain, Kidman was more than happy to be out of the clutches of marriage. This iconic photo of her taken moments after she left her lawyers office after finalizing her divorce to Cruise in 2001 says it all. Kidman was screaming with joy, arms stretched out Titanic-style, happy to once again be single.

In a way, her reaction says a lot about her state of mind, especially in the months leading up to her divorce. Much of Kidman’s concerns with Cruise stemmed from emotional abuse, and their fame did little to help. And finally getting separated must have released the floodgates of emotion. Freedom, at last!

Sadly, many women still find it hard coming to terms with the reality of their dysfunctional relationships. In some cases, the cycle of abuse has become a norm, and resistance is considered futile.

For Kidman, she chose to find peace in separation, in spite of the consequences. Her choice may have been a painful pill to swallow, but at least, it is paying off now as she enjoys a healthy relationship with Urban and her daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

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