Is Michelle Obama Missing The White House? She Just Shared A Throwback Photo Of The Family On Instagram

May 25, 2018

Michelle Obama has been pretty busy since she moved out of the White House, attending public functions and giving speeches. A lot of her activity can be followed on her Instagram account as she posts pictures and updates on a regular basis.


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This week, the former FLOTUS posted a couple of throwback pictures. The photos are part of a selection that will appear in her upcoming memoir, Becoming. Here, she is seen in college during the 1980. Michelle Obama attended Princeton and was one of only so many African-American students at the time.

Another photo showed her on her wedding day to former President Barack Obama. It was October 1922. Michelle fondly remembers the day as her husband woke up with a cold, which miraculously disappeared as the wedding began.

Also, she shared a delightful photo of her, daughters Sasha and Malia, and her husband in a private office at the White House. In her comments, Michelle talked about how they made sure their regular family life was not compromised.

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We did our best to make the White House a comfortable place where our girls could climb trees and host slumber parties, where we’d have dinner together as a family, and where we tried to live by the values our parents instilled in us.


Fans of the former First Lady are wondering, maybe she misses the White House just a little bit and understandably so. Being a member of the first family does come with some perks that any normal person would miss. Still, it is good to see that the Obama’s are getting on pretty nicely now.

In her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama was particularly vocal about poverty and education in America. She also took a keen interest in child nutrition and healthy eating. Her sense of style made her stand out as one of the best-dressed First Ladies ever.


There have been speculations about the former FLOTUS running for Presidency in 2020, but she, like her husband Barack Obama, maintains that it will not happen.

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