Princess Charlotte Celebrated Her Uncle, Prince Harry, At His Wedding In Her Own, Cheeky Way

May 23, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding took the world by storm over the weekend, and thousands of Britons are still reeling in the euphoria. This is perhaps the most significant event for the royal family in several decades.

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And while the pair looked every bit the fairytale couple, little Princess Charlotte got her own fair share of attention. The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was one of the little flower girls on Meghan Markle’s train at the wedding.


Like her uncle Prince Harry, little Charlotte is particularly loved by the media, since she is almost always ready to offer a happy smile and a wave. The wedding was no exception as the press had a field day photographing the delightful child.


Cute salute to Uncle Harry

In the flurry leading up to the wedding, camera caught Princess Charlotte sitting in the bridal motorcade sticking her tongue out in what is perhaps the most hilarious moment during the wedding. Her antics are a reminder of a young Prince Harry who was pretty feisty himself and was known to make faces for the cameras.


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Britons have always admired Prince Harry, who, besides getting into a bit of trouble in his growing years, maintains a bubbly personality. It is easy to see why he is much loved by fans of the royal family and often regarded as the most preferred royal.

This is not the first time camera have captured Princess Charlotte in oh-so adorable moments. When she arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital to see her baby brother, Prince Louis, the little princess was all smiles and even had her signature royal wave going the whole time.

It is interesting seeing the little royals growing up and their personalities blossoming. And seeing as the children spend a good amount of time with their uncle, Prince Harry, it won’t be surprising if they get up to naughty shenanigans on a regular basis.

In the end, it was pretty clear that Princess Charlotte had a lot of fun at the wedding. There is no telling if she will be on any bridal trains anytime soon, but the memories she made at her uncle Harry’s wedding will last a good while.

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