As If Cardi B Was Not Bizarre Enough Before, Pregnancy Has Bumped Her Up To A Whole New Level

Hip-hop sensation Cardi B is pretty afar long her pregnancy but is showing no indications of slowing down, and neither is her now-evident baby bump dimming her enthusiasm. As it seems, the coming baby may even be boosting her morale.

She stunned fans at Coachella with her energetic dance moves and even stirred some dust when she took time out to twerk.

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Her wardrobe for the show was not as jarring as usual, but it did raise the heads. Cardi channeled her inner Left Eye with a retro all-white jumpsuit and signature ponytails.


Pulling out the stops for the Met

Trust Cardi to put up a memorable appearance wherever she shows up. The Met was no difference as Cardi did not disappoint.

She appeared at the event with Jeremy Scott, wearing a gold full-length dress with thigh-high slit, billowing train, and multiple encrusted jewels, and a sheer neckline.


A massive carnival-style tiara and choker, all in gold, encrusted with jewels were completing the outfit.


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If her outfit at the gala is anything to go by, Cardi is far from turning any less extravagant with her wardrobe before her delivery. It almost feels like she is trying to prove a point that baby or no, she will still be glamorous.


She’s having a rough time being pregnant

It’s not all fun for pregnant Cardi B. She recently took to Twitter complaining about some side effects she has been experiencing lately. Bad dreams seem to be her major concern.

Also, Cardi says her dreams are particularly vivid, and it’s not just the nightmares. Even her sensually charged escapes according to her are too real to be imaginary.

Pregnant women are prone to experiencing a variety of side effects due to the changes in their biology. Hang in there, Cardi. Before you know it, you’ll be holding your baby and the worst days will be over.

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