Painful Sacrifice Queen Letizia Had To Make For The Sake Of The Crown: Meghan Markle Had To Do The Same

June 20, 2018

Queen Letizia of Spain earned her throne with the help of her past career as a journalist. Similarly to Meghan Markle, Her Majesty had to give up everything she had been working with to become the royal leader of the country.


Commoner in the royal family

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was lucky enough to marry the most desired Spanish bachelor over the years – Felipe, then Prince of Asturias. The royal was also the first in the line to the throne, and ten years later, in 2014, the couple became King and Queen of Spain after Filipe’s father abduction.

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However, how a commoner who used to be a simple journalist managed to get into the royal family and conquer the heart of the most beloved Spanish man?

Difficult way to the top

The answer is that Letizia wasn’t an ordinary journalist. She started her way to the top back in the elementary school, when her headmaster noticed her witty character and determined personality:

Letizia was very intelligent and hardworking — but with a sharp edge.


Following her father’s footsteps, Letizia entered the Complutense University of Madrid to work her way out to the become a successful journalist.

Manu Guinarte / YouTube

Her career was improving by leaps and bounds when after her first positions in at Spanish newspapers La Nueva España and ABC she became a news host at CNN+ and Televisión Espanola. Every minute of her hard work was worth it: Letizia was awarded the Madrid Press Association's Larra Award even before she turned 30. And that is where Filipe noticed her.

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Manu Guinarte / YouTube

Hard work paid off

Every new step needs certain changes and, sometimes, even sacrifices. Similarly to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Queen Letizia had to abandon her journalism career to become the part of the royal family. Both women made this difficult step, and none of them was (and we are sure will be) disappointed.

They are still constantly on the public; their image is among the most desired people in the entire world. Even though they are not doing what they were studying for, both royals look unbelievably happy with their choice.

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