Donald Trump Wrote A Cute Message To Melania On Social Media After She Posted A Photo Of Herself In A Stunning Dress

June 13, 2018 11:45

Since Melania Trump underwent a surgery in early May, she has been keeping a low-profile. First Lady did join her husband at a conference recently but made a solo appearance.


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The presidential couple looked happier than ever during their latest outing. Donald Trump was very affectionate towards Melania, calling her "honey" and holding her hand. It was nice to see the president being so gentle with his wife considering her going through a health recovery.

Perhaps, it was Donald's support or just some needed time off, but Melania returned to her FLOTUS duties after over a month as confident and beautiful as ever.

Melania Trump appeared at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. to make a speech during an event honoring Abraham Lincoln. But public's focus was mostly on the First Lady's stunning black-and-white dress with a gorgeous silver neckline.

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First Lady looked so wonderful that even Donald himself couldn't resist and took a moment out of his busy schedule to compliment his wife on Twitter.

We do indeed love our First Lady and so does the president. Maybe, he got a scare during Melania's surgery and gained a new level of appreciation for his lovely spouse.


Melania Trump deserves to be treated well and admired by her husband, so we're happy to see it in action.

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