Kate Middleton Laughed Out Loud As Confused Camilla Helped Prince Charles With Gloves

July 11, 2018 10:58

Kate Middleton surprised the public by appearing at the event to mark 100 years of the Royal Air Force. Despite the fact the Duchess of Cambridge is on maternity leave, she decided not to miss a chance to be present at such day.

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On photos, Kate Middleton was seen giggling, as Camilla tried to help her husband, Prince Charles, with the gloves.

As we can see in the picture, the duchess was laughing, while Camilla was helping her husband with the poppers of his gloves. It happened at the moment when the royal family left Westminster Abbey following a service to mark 100 years of RAF.


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By the way, the Royal Air Force is the first independent air service in the world.

The Duchess of Cambridge looks so gorgeous while laughing!



Kate Middleton’s smile is indeed beautiful. Wish we could see it more often.

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