Looking For One More Reason To Adore Keanu Reeves? Reddit User Recounts The Endearing Experience Between Her Friend And The Matrix Actor

June 15, 2018

Unlike most celebrities, Keanu Reeves is simply not cut of for the Hollywood lifestyle. He has proved this yet again by rendering the most unusual act of service to a woman in need.


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He's got no time for fame

The talented Matrix actor is one of the most famous Hollywood faces in the world. Because of this, no one will hold it against him if he chooses to be obnoxious or act like a rock star.

Yet, he has proven time and again that he only uses his fame as a force for good in the world. 

Hollywood's real life hero

A woman who met the actor in the strangest of places, a highway outside LA, had only nice things to say about him to her friends, one of who reccounted the experience on Reddit.


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According to the story, the woman's car broke down and the actor happened to be driving by. She says he not only helped her call for repair, he drove 50 miles off route to her home and gave her his phone number to call for further help.

If this story seems unusual and out of character, then you need to be reading some more about Keanu Reeves. He is considered one of the kindest actors.

Reasons we love Keanu Reeves

Need further proof? The Hollywood hottie has been funding children's hospitals and aiding cancer research for years on the down low. 


He runs an organization that takes care of numerous humanitarian projects he cares about, and does not make a big splash about his good deeds so very few people get to know about them.

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Keanu Reeves