Pink Makes A Heart-Melting Comment About Her Youngest Child Which Every Mother Can Understand

January 11, 2019 18:04

Motherhood is a great blessing and for Pink, beyond the fame and superstardom, she enjoys all over the globe, being a mommy to her kids is the greatest joy in the world. Whenever she shares pictures on social media, it is clear that Pink treasurers her role as a mother and even when she’s on tour, she makes time for her two beautiful kids.

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Pink shares her joy with the world

For the Grammy-winning mommy, however, while motherhood has many rewards, she considers her little angel’s beautiful and priceless smile as the only thing she wants all day, every day.

To most mothers, while raising kids has its own overwhelming share of sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, and the ever frightening fever bouts; all these things are meaningless when they see their children’s beautiful smiles.

Why is this so? Maybe it's because a child’s innocent and bubbly smile gives off great energy and inspires gleeful pride for their mothers, a fact that makes all the hassles of motherhood worth it. For Pink, this is what makes being a mother awesome.

While the renowned singer is a mother to two children and is always pride to show off her look-alike daughter Willow, she is also overtly obsessed with her youngest son Jameson, who is practically a star in his mother’s eyes. To understand how close the two are, you only have to browse through her social media to realize that Jameson is truly a cute momma’s boy.

After sharing a playful picture of her son looking gleeful, Pink wrote: 

He’s got a great smile I think,

a sentiment that most mothers can surely relate to. For the rockstar girl, her lovely baby’s smile is the greatest feeling in the world as it is a testament of the great love and bond shared between them.

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Holidays are family time for Pink

For Pink, who is married to another rocker and professional biker, Carey Hart, family time is always the best time and over the holidays, they made sure that they made some new memories together.

Sharing pictures of their holiday, it is clear that they were truly waiting for Santa to show up as baby Jameson was surely ready for him to show up.

It is clear that to Pink and her husband, their kids are their greatest pride and the fact that they always share their experiences together is a fact that their bond is pretty strong.

Truly, Pink is a great mother who values, cares, and treasurers her experiences with her kids. Can you relate to Pink’s observation that a baby’s smile is the greatest thing in the world? Please share your views below.

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