"We Became Family": Kathy Ireland Honored Elizabeth Taylor With The Sweetest Tribute Ever

May 14, 2019 17:18

The unnamed "Queen of Hollywood" Elizabeth Taylor is still known for her beauty around the globe. Since she died on March 23, 2011, the iconic actress only resides in our memories. However, we still have a chance to know more about her from those who were fortunately close to her.

Despite stardom and everything that was brought to her by it, Liz treasured her family the most. Her love life was engulfed by controversies and cheating scandals. She was married to seven men throughout her lifetime. The only solace that remained until her final moment was her four children that she had nurtured dearly.

She touched many lives positively

The successful model of the 80s and now-entrepreneur, Kathy Ireland is one of the lucky ones who was influenced by Taylor. She and Liz met through a mutual friend. Ireland paid her tribute in the latest issue of Closer Weekly and disclosed that the two ladies had "become family." To this day, the 56-year-old thinks of Elizabeth as the most fascinating person she’s ever met. 

Kathy and Elizabeth were fast-friends during the legend's final year. She shared with Ireland all her aspirations as a mother. They even joined Bible studies together, where they exchanged ideas about life. Kathy says about her:

She had a very curious heart and I think that kept her young. She was always growing and learning.

Special bond with granddaughter 

Elizabeth had 10 beautiful and perfect grandchildren. Out of those kids, Naomi deLuce Wilding came forward to gush over her remarkable granny. Liz made a great impact on Naomi's life and she was able to pass on many stories to her. Her granddaughter describes her as:

She believed in the power of love and wasn't afraid of being hurt. A lot of people hold their heart too close; she believed in giving it out.  

Elizabeth has left many tongues to chant her name because of her extraordinary life. What is the best thing you admire about her, all gossips, scandals, and rumors aside?