Extreme Parenting Style? Simon Cowell Wants His Son To Leave School At Age 10 & Work For Him

May 29, 2019

Britain's Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell seemed to be softening up since the last few years. He helped one of the contestants when a fire broke out in her home.

His overall behavior has also changed as he is letting the world see his compassionate side. However, a certain kind of strictness also seems to be a part of him that he can never switch off.

Simon and his partner, Lauren Silverman unexpectedly welcomed a son together in 2015. Little Eric instantly became the apple of his father's eyes. In an interview, he revealed that minutes after Eric birth, he held him and started crying out of happiness.

Future plans for their son

Every parent has their own way of raising their child. Some stick to conventional methods of not letting their precious one out of sight until he/she is at least 18. In this regard, Simon has proved himself to be an advanced daddy. As published in Daily Mail UK, the proud father demands a ban on homework.

Simon Cowell further told his ultimate desire to make Eric leave school in the next five years. In this way, his kid will mature early and will be able to join his business empire. While speaking to NBC, he said:

Listen if I can get him out at 10 to come and work for me then I would.


Sorry, Eric, no fortune for you!

According to Mirror UK reports, Simon has decided not to pass on his money to the next generation. His net worth was $570 as of 2015 and Eric won't get much of it. His son will only receive small handouts and the rest of his inheritance will be his father's legacy. How knew Simon was this charitable?

Do you approve of this parenting style? Or you think Simon and Lauren can do better for Eric? Well, a father knows best for his child and he is aware Eric will appreciate the values more than the materials.