Royal Snub? Why 'Fab Four' Will Not Be Attending The Upcoming Wedding Of Lady Gabriella

January 29, 2019

A cloud of mystery surrounds every action of the royals. Their moves are dissected to know the possible motive behind it. Now, a collective decision of the 'fab four' to snub Lady Gabriella's wedding is in speculations. Turns out the further you are along the line of succession, the lesser senior-attendees you get!

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Just last year, Lady Gabriella of Windsor announced her engagement to long-time beau, Thomas Kingston. She is the daughter of Her Majesty's cousin, Prince Michael of Kent. Britain is in preparations for her wedding this spring. However, the fans' searching eyes may not find their favorite royals present.

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The absence of 'fab four'

Audience yearns to see the Sussex and Cambridge couple at any major royal event. On the upcoming wedding too, Kate and William behind Meghan and Harry will be awaited but to no avail. The reason behind their excusing was elaborated by a royal expert, Richard Fitzwilliam.

He revealed to Express UK how Lady Gabriella is 50th in the line of succession and therefore considered a rather junior royal. He went on to justify how senior royals won't attend her wedding, so there is no room for any scandals as well, saying:

It’s a relatively low profile occasion as royal weddings go but given the insatiable appetite for royal news, there was more buzz around Eugenie’s wedding than expected, there will undoubtedly be interest in it.

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The Lady's controversial past

Lady Gabriella is often found making headlines due to her scandalous past. The most recent news was about her ex-boyfriend, Aatish Taseer who made claims how they swam naked in the Buckingham Palace pool. He had asked her to move to India with him and upon rejection, Aatish became one scorned lover.

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Is it a fair reason for the Queen and 'fab four' to skip Lady Gabriella's big day? Share this and let us know if it's one way to avoid scandals!

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