Hair Color Timeline! Sam Elliott And Katharine Ross's Daughter Cleo, 34, Is Exploring Her Best Look

November 22, 2018

Cleo's parents are legendary lovebirds. Kathrine and Sam first met on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Her beautiful mother had a leading role in the movie. Later, her acting was appreciated in the form of a shiny BAFTA. Sam was, unfortunately, one of the extras. He was scared to ask out someone above him from the main cast. But 9 years later, fate intervened and they both worked together in Legacy.


The couple has been together for more than 3 decades. Sam and Katharine exchanged vows in 1984. The bride had walked down the aisle four times before, making Sam her fifth husband. It is miraculous and astonishing that some people are meant to be only after a number of failures in their personal lives. 


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Their experimental 34-year-old daughter

Cleo Rose Elliot seems totally non-conventional. The 34-year-old is quite adventurous and rebellious with her looks. This funky beauty is still searching for her perfect hair color. And her journey through different hues is remarkably startling. The solid pink made her look like a barbie. The cherry on the cake? Her long locks!

She then tried the trendiest color of 2018: steel gray. It made her green eyes pop out and softened the rest of her features. We could call it the best one, but it's too early to decide yet.

The red Sonja-inspired hair was like a breath of fresh air. On fire!

She was not left behind in the plum purple parade. This shade could mute all other colors around!

And the last one is probably the most unique! We believe unicorns are real after taking a look at her cool blue hair.

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Why women change their hair color?

The hidden psychology behind women dyeing their hair is quite obvious. Ladies love to and are probably addicted to enhancing the magnetic attraction of their physical image. Having shocking contrasts and sometimes severely clashing virulent shades of every nameable color in the palette fills their spirit with a sense of pride.

Lena Ivanova /

Are you guilty of trying mahogany, marshmallow brown, honeysuckle highlights, ombre, auburn, natural black, spicy intense red, and lastly some blues? Even if you're not, select the best one from Cleo's timeline and let us know which one is your favorite!

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