Is It Acceptable? Grandma Charges Her Family $35 Per Head For Christmas Lunch

December 3, 2018 06:24

Many people debate and wonder what Christmas is all about? Is it the holidays, feasts, trees and lights? The spirit of Christmas time is actually reflected in being generous.

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The whole idea behind Christmas celebration is to rejoice in togetherness. The remembrance of Jesus on this day intensifies. It gives us a chance to be thankful and honor his birth that has become our ultimate salvation. That is why, more than ever, this is a season to share the message of Christ’s love both in words, and deeds.

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Trends are making this holy occasion become more and more lavish each year. Although everyone's way of celebrating is justified, some try to keep up with the high tides, no matter what. This challenges their economic capacity. But this grandma has found a solution, even if it seems rather distasteful.

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The granny that charges for Christmas lunch

50-year-old grandma Hayley Garbutt has three children and four grandchildren who she charges $35 each for preparing and serving them Christmas meal. She was invited on This Morning to defend her unpleasant decision to ask her family for help with food that almost costs her $700.

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She justified herself by saying:

It just got to the point where the family grew and there were more and more grandchildren, and I’d have my son and daughters round, as well, and their partners, and it was just too much.

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Hayley revealed that her controversial request was immediately accepted by her family. Their response to it was very understanding and supportive. They all sat down and discussed it and they were happy to come to her home and let her cook for them all anyway.

This budget goes to everything the family consumes on Christmas Day Alamy. Strange though it seems, it could save a person from breaking the bank!

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People had mixed reactions

Some of the social media brigades found it totally against the idea of Christmas. They deemed it wrong and immoral on all levels. Others declared it to be practical. Nothing bad in contributing a little!

Do you think it's a budgetary solution or ruining the spirit of Christmas? Share this and let us know what your take is!

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