Question That Rings In Everyone's Head: What Does The Queen Carry In Her Luxurious Handbags?

January 18, 2019

It's no secret that a woman's handbag is her ultimate life-kit or beauty ambulance. This personal treasure chest also gives away the innermost secrets of their personality and what they really hold dear. Time to unravel what the Queen of Britain finds to be most precious to her!


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Her Majesty uses her clutch for many other purposes besides storing general items. She intelligently utilizes it to signal her staffers in public for certain commands.

As revealed by royal historian, Hugo Vickers, to PEOPLE magazine if Queen Elizabeth II shifts her bag from one hand to the other, it indicates the royal is ready to end the conversation. At events, to excuse herself for the evening, she places it on a table. Subtle move, right?



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The burning question

All of Monarch's subjects are desperate to know what she really carries in her purse. She has hundreds of staffers to hold her essentials and remain on her back n' call. This mystery was intriguing enough to make the author, Phil Dampier write a book inspired by it that is titled, 'What's in the Queen's handbag?'. Aren't we all mouthing the same question?


Dampier reveals his theory to PEOPLE magazine, answering this query:

She may have had a small camera in it, as she likes to take impromptu snaps. She will have perhaps had her glasses in there, or her sunglasses in there if she was going out in the garden.


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The count of her handbags

The Queen attends hundreds of royal engagements in a single year. On account of her never-repeated-again accessories, one wonders how many bags she actually owns. The Telegraph UK discloses the number of handbags to be around 200, resting in her personal mall. Jaw drops!

Do you have theories of your own that are more relevant to the Queen's taste in fashion? Don't forget to let us know!

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